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Residential Rebates


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Heating & Cooling


DMEA’s residential rebate programs are designed to help members save money on their home electric bill, while also removing inefficient appliances and equipment from our lines. A portion of the funding for our rebates is made available through our wholesale power provider, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association.

Rebate applications must be submitted to DMEA within 120 days of purchase. Applications must include receipts and proof of refrigerant disposal when applicable. Receipts must include model number(s). DMEA reserves the right to audit any appliance purchase for which a rebate application has been submitted. 2019 is the final year for LED rebates. All rebate must be submitted by Monday, December 16, 2019.


ENERGY STAR Appliances
Appliance  Rebate
Refrigerators or freezers (ENERGY STAR®) $30
Refrigerant disposal $70
Clothes washer - front load (ENERGY STAR®) $40
Clothes washer - top load (ENERGY STAR®) $30
Electric clothes dryer - (ENERGY STAR®) $30
Clothes dryer - hybrid heat pump (ENERGY STAR®) $90
Dishwasher  - (ENERGY STAR®) $20
Domestic water heater (40 - 55 gallons; lifetime warranty) $100
Geothermal direct exchange water heater (super efficient rating; lifetime warranty) $100
Heat pump water heater (ENERGY STAR®, 30-gallon minimum) $350
Electric motor, 10 to 500HP $8/HP
Electric motor wiring assistance (fossil fuel replacement or new installations) $1.50/HP additional

Application Forms
Energy Star Appliances
Water Heater
Electric Motor

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LED Bulbs and Fixtures

Residential LED bulbs: up to $8/bulb; minimum 500 lumens, rebate not to exceed 50% of bulb cost; limit of 50 bulbs per member.

Residential LED fixture: up to $8/fixture; minimum 500 lumens, not to exceed 50% of fixture cost.

Download the LED rebate application here.

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Heating & Cooling
System  Rebate
Split system A/C, 15 - 16 SEER (ENERGY STAR®) $100/unit
Split system A/C, >16 SEER (ENERGY STAR®) $150/unit
Air source heat pump, terminal units $85/unit
Air source heat pump, ENERGY STAR, 15 - 17 SEER $300/ton
Air source heat pump, ENERGY STAR, >17 SEER $450/ton
Central air source heat pump, ENERGY STAR with ETS Backup $100/unit
Geothermal heat pump, any model $500/ton

All geothermal rebates are subject to on-site verification.

Application Forms
Split system air conditioner

Air-Source heat pump
Geothermal heat pump

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