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Payment & Billing Options

Payment Methods:

  • Payment kiosks
  • In person
  • By mail
  • Online
  • By phone
  • Drop boxes


Billing Options:


Questions about your account options?
Contact our friendly customer service staff members, 1-877-687-3632,


My Choice Prepay Program Logo

My Choice is a pay-as-you-go program where you pay in advance for your electricity. This program allows you to make payments in any amount and at anytime. When you make a payment, you will have a positive balance on your account. Each day, as you use electricity, your balance goes down. The program will notify you when you have less than 5 days worth of electricity. If your balance goes below zero, your power will be disconnected. However, you can have the power turned back on in minutes by making a payment at anytime of the day! There will be NO disconnect or reconnect fee. Members on My Choice will also not be subject to late fees or collection fees.

When you switch to My Choice, you can transfer up to $500 of a past due balance. When you make a payment on your My Choice account, a portion of that payment goes toward your past-due balance and a portion goes to buy electricity. For example if you pay $100 on your account, $30 will go towards your past due amount and $70 will go towards future electricity. 

With no more due dates, no fees, and no annoying late notices, My Choice puts you in control of your power. Learn more with this brochure. Sign up for My Choice in person in order to receive an up-to-date account balance and learn about options for reducing and transferring your past due balance.

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Budget Billing

Are you tired of seasonal spikes in your electric bill? With Budget Billing, DMEA will calculate your monthly bill based on your average consumption from the previous year, and you’ll pay a fixed amount each month for your electricity costs. Annually your account will be trued up. Your account will be credited if you purchased excess electricity or you may be billed for electricity you used beyond what was calculated. There are no penalty fees for using electricity beyond what was originally calculated.

Sign up online for Budget Billing or call 1-877-687-3632.

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Power Pay

The Power Pay program allows members to have their monthly electric bill automatically deducted from their bank account or charged to their credit card. No more worrying about late fees, stamps, or last-minute trips to the office to pay your bill. Members can also elect whether to continue to receive a paper statement by mail. You can also sign up for Power Pay through your SmartHub account. Click here for step by step directions.

To sign up, call 1-877-687-3632 or download and return the signup form.

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Paperless Billing

Interested in receiving your monthly bill electronically? Sign up for our Paperless Billing option and DMEA will no longer send you a paper bill or newsletter, except for legally required notices.

Instead, you will receive an e-mail each month when your bill is ready. You can then login to SmartHub to check your account balance, see your consumption history, and pay your bill. You will receive an electronic version of your monthly member newsletter via email.

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